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You are what you eat!

Thank you for visiting us.

The ingredients used are shipped directly from the production area by contracting with a producer who has a relationship and trust. Every Monday, fresh organic vegetables from Ibaraki prefecture and rice from Niigata prefecture arrive. You can also shop for vegetables and rice in the store. Lunch boxes and side dishes using those vegetables, Drinks and sweets using the superfood Moringa are also lined up.

Good food makes good people. You are what you eat!

By eating, your mind and body will be healthy, which will lead to good lifestyle and way of thinking. What we eat is later excreted, and the components that are washed away by water and go out to the sea are eaten by microorganisms. Microorganisms are eaten by fish, which are carried through fishermen, become our food, and return to our bodies. It repeats. If you throw trash in the sea, it will come back to our bodies. The soil is the same. Therefore, every action that people eat and use circulates and returns to us again. Even for small activities, we will try to create a good store through this store.

3 minutes walk from Yoyogi station,

10 minutes walk from Shinjuku station

 Please check on Google maps!!

Our store aims What is "4 good!"

To make our customers, producers, the earth, and our staff healthier and happier.
To that end, we have four commitments!

Commitment (1) For the health of our customers
-By eating deliciously, your body will be happy and your heart will be healthy-

 From the ingredients we provide to the seasonings we use, we have our own menus that are well-balanced. The rice used is Koshihikari from Minami Uonuma, the owner's hometown. We have white rice and brown rice. The rice is polished in the store and cooked plumply in a kettle, so it is delicious. In addition, through Moringa tea, we will supplement the nutrients that are lacking and help you in your healthy life. Above all, we try to create a cafe that makes you smile and leads to good health by eating deliciously! !! !!

Commitment (2) Supporting Producers
-Purchasing fresh ingredients and reducing food loss-

 Organic vegetables and rice delivered directly from the farm are grown with great care and diligence by the farmers. We buy the produce that is available at the time of harvest, as well as unmatched produce (vegetables that cannot be distributed in the market), and have them sent directly to us. This is why we do not waste any ingredients and offer a menu that changes a little every day to make the most of the ingredients. We also sell vegetables and rice in the store, so that you can enjoy fresh ingredients at home.

 In addition, in order to minimize food loss, we stock our food in quantities that can be sold out so that the store can continue to operate for a long, thin period of time. Therefore, there may be a small number of items on the menu during late hours.

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Our Commitment (3) Global Environmentally Friendly
〜Eat and live healthily for the earth.

The food we eat is later excreted, washed into the water and into the sea, where its components are eaten by microorganisms.

The microorganisms are eaten by fish, which are then transported through fishermen to our tables, where they are eaten and returned to our bodies.

The fish are then transported to our tables, where they are eaten and returned to our bodies.

This process is repeated. When we throw garbage into the ocean, it also returns to our bodies.

The same goes for the soil.

So what we eat now is an important choice, not only for our health but also for the health of the earth. We use as little as possible chemical seasonings and additives that are not found in nature. We sometimes have no choice but to use those that are necessary for food sanitation reasons, but we try to keep them to a minimum as much as possible.

We will continue to promote human beings who can give back to the earth by eating and shopping through our stores and food.

We will also continue to switch from plastic to paper and eco-friendly products after 2023.

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Commitment (4) We, the staff
~We, the staff, are committed to making our employees happy.

Each and every staff member stands in the store as a signboard girl.

I want to stop by here today because of her! We try to serve our customers in a warm and friendly manner.

We try to serve our customers in a warm and friendly manner.

We sometimes take time off to accommodate our staff's childcare needs or when they return home. We have training and meetings once or twice a month, so we may close early or open late on some days. Therefore, we will keep you updated on the latest information and monthly opening hours on INSTAGRAM.

Main Menu
​More than 10 different ingredients available daily.
Seasonal rice balls are also available





Cod roe



Brown rice



Japanese apricot



Miso mixed with pork



Brown rice

Moringa & volcanic soil



Shiso and Tenkasu



Brown rice

Chicken and carrot



Chicken and carrot



Rice seasoned and cooked with various ingredient



Brown rice



Ingredients change depending on availability.

so please enjoy it every day!

Side menu

We cook everything in the store, making the most of the ingredients and preparing additive-free side dishes.
The lineup of side dishes changes with the seasons.


Seasonal side dishes


Moringa Sweets



Seasonal side sweets


Advance reservations are recommended for large quantities of boxed lunches.
Please contact us at the store or by phone for reservations.

Lunch limited menu (11:00-14:00)

Spicy Brown Rice Salad 850 yen

Meat Plate of the Day 900 yen

Grilled salmon with moringa salt 1000yen 

​ etc...



UTUKUSI®︎ Moringa has about 60 different nutrients and tastes like green tea, with no foul odor.

It is an easy nutritional supplement for those who are concerned about dietary balance!


・Ice coffee

・Hand drip coffe

・Cold-brew coffee

・Cafe Latte/Soi Latte


・Moringa Coffee


★Moringa tea

★Moringa Latte

★White chocolate Moringa


・Roasted Moringa Tea



・Royal milk tea


*Reservations for all types of events can be made 3 days in advance, so please call us.

Renting a Cafe

Evenings, weekends and holidays

The space is available for rent for filming and events.

Please contact us for details.

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アンカー 2

Shop Info

〒151-0051 5-25-7 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


Management Company UTUKUSI Co.

Opening hour:8:30 am- 10:00pm 

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